Time for a Fresh Start?

I love the start of a New Year.  There’s a real sense of something ‘special’ about to happen.  It’s as if we’ve been given permission to have another ‘go’ at creating the absolute ideal life for ourselves.  A clean sheet of paper.   A new ‘script’ to live by.    And yet, this optimistic feeling can… Read more »

Exercise to balance your Yiin & Yang energy

Create an Awesome You!

When we slip from the warm heady days of Summer to the quieter, cooler months of Autumn & Winter, our own inner energy also shifts from being energizing (Yang) to a quieter, calming (Yin) way of being.    When Summer moves into Autumn the natural World begins to slow towards eventual hibernation (restoration) until Spring when… Read more »

Top 5 tips to create a home yoga space

5 Steps to Create a Yoga Space @ Home

  how to create a yoga space at Home   You’ve probably noticed how calm you feel when stepping into (& out of!) a yoga class or studio.   If you can’t get to class here’s 5 easy ways to re-create that yoga bliss at home.   Choose the right spot.  Your home yoga space doesn’t… Read more »

4 Tips to help you improve your yoga practice

4 Tips to Improve your Yoga Practice

If you’re reading thiS I’m guessing you’re keen to improve your yoga practice?   When I first started yoga, I just wanted to improve my flexibility & mobility.   And, as I became more familiar with the postures, I would often drift into ‘auto-pilot’ and just place the posture shape on my body when I heard… Read more »

Yogic pranayama breathing techniques

Take a break to breathe better

How are you Breathing? It’s a well known that most adults do not breathe correctly.   As children our breath is relatively calm and deep, but, as adults partcuarly when we are stressed, our breathing can become rapid, short & shallow that literally starve our body of oxygen.   Our everyday breathing can be affected by… Read more »