How do you start and finish your day?

It’s really up to you to decide whether you have a good, bad or indifferent day. How is this? It’s quite simple.  You see it’s not when you wake up, it’s how you wake up.  It’s not when you go

Turmeric radiant face mask recipe

Turmeric has been used for over 4,000 years in Asia from everything to dyeing clothes to healing digestive and skin ailments.  Today, once again, turmeric is a buzz word amongst healers, herbalists & naturopaths. The healing & versatile ingredient in

Create an Awesome You :)

So here we are, the time of year when we slip from the warm heady days of Summer to the quieter, cooler months of Autumn & Winter. A time between Light and Dark. Yang (energizing) and Yin (calming).  A time

Top 5 Yoga Apps – carry your OM wherever you go!

It’s hard to know which Apps are worthwhile & so we’ve done the homework for you!  Here are our Top 5 FREE Yoga Apps so you can carry your OM with you wherever you go or when you can’t get

The Yoga of Food

The regular practice of yoga brings many, many positive benefits – more than just a strong, toned & flexible body.  When I first started going to yoga classes I only noticed the physical benefits –  I could lean over the

Pranayama – a load of hot air ?!?

Yoga is the perfect way to help you to relax and re-connect with yourself.    There are so many yoga postures to try but, whilst enjoying those yoga postures, we often forget to include one of the many yoga breathing

5 Steps to Create Yoga Bliss @ Home

You’ve probably noticed how calm you feel when stepping into (& out of!) a yoga class or studio. But if you can’t get to class here’s 5 easy ways to re-create that yoga bliss at home. Choose the right spot. 

Tips to boost your yoga practice

If you’re reading this blog post I’m guessing you’ve been on your yoga mat a few times  already or maybe you’re just starting out, either way I hope these tips help to boost your yoga practice. When I first started

Take a break to breathe better

It’s a well known fact that majority of adults do not breathe correctly. The once calm, deep breathing we did as children is affected by the fast paced, stressful – often sedentary – life we lead as adults.   The

Really, is a detox necessary?

With the introduction of our new Get the Glow! Yoga & Detox Retreats here in sunny Spain, we wanted to make sure we did our homework to discover if our new retreats really will have a positive impact to our

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