Are you ‘there’ for You?

  We see it on practically every retreat we run …  some guests arrive looking pale & exhausted.  It’s as if someone has extinguished the very spark that once lit them up and they’ve used every ounce of energy that’s left to get to the retreat.    It’s quite scary to see how they’ve clearly… Read more »

Bringing balance

I always struggle when the seasons change.   Just like now as we slip from Summer into Autumn.   Since the clocks fell back recently I’m finding it hard to get out of bed, my usual high energy levels have dipped, I’m  wanting to withdraw inwards a little and I’m craving warming comfort foods.    Is… Read more »

Meditation – Let your mind have a holiday too.

BENEFITS OF Mindful Meditation I have practiced meditation everyday for the past 10 years using different methods from yantras, mantras, breathing, walking, guided, eating and other awareness based meditations.   I always remain open to new techniques and recently I have been trying mindfulness meditation which I find makes life easier to deal with.  By… Read more »