First, you might like to know we are a legal registered business.  

Why are we telling you this?  Well we think it’s important you know you’re dealing with a business that takes its responsibilities seriously.    Sadly, not all retreats are legal … but we are and we hope this brings  you peace of mind if you’ve never been on our retreats before.   

Feel free to check out  our reviews  but first, let us tell you What makes us Different and What bought us to Spain.


What makes us Different?

Apart from many years of retreat organising experience and our first hand knowledge of Spain having lived here for 15+ years (we know the best teachers, activity guides and places to stay & eat!), I’d say the three biggest differences between us and any other retreats are …

  1. Our retreats take place at carefully chosen unique little hotels near the sea that are owned & run by local Spanish families.  So not only are you/we supporting the local community but, we are the only retreat guests on site … unlike retreat centres where there could be multiple retreats taking place at the same time which would mean classes, meal times & pool side being busy & noisy  :(   

When you’re with us, you are our only focus.  

2.  On our retreats you’ll meet and be cared for the owners of Yoga Breaks in Spain not volunteers passing through on a gap year.  Nothing wrong with volunteers, it’s just that we believe when the owners of a business are looking after you you’ll get the very best service and care possible.  

It’s our business & we want you to have the best retreat experience possible. 

3.  We do less so we can give more.   We deliberately choose not  to run retreats week in week out as no one can maintain continuously high standards.   So, rather than you turn up and see us looking lacklustre, we take time out after each retreat to recharge as, when you give your all to running a retreat, by the end of it you are very happy but very very tired!   

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How did we get here?! 

Hi, i’m Nicole – that’s me below – I founded Yoga Breaks in Spain after moving to Spain in 2003.  Before then I lived in the UK and worked for over 20 years in various marketing roles and taught yoga part time.   Just like all my friends, I worked silly long hours with very little time for myself, my young daughter, family or friends.   Sound familiar?!?!

Nicole Stone yoga retreats Spain

My move to Spain with my husband Gary & daughter Poppy was prompted by some rather serious health scares in my early 30’s that literally stopped me in my tracks . The health issues were so ‘out of the blue’ that they made me to reconsider the way I lived. 

At the time our daughter, aged 4, was spending 10 hours a day at a child minder whilst I rushed between home, work, domestic chores and seeing family. It was exhausting & I knew that if we didn’t change, something was going to break.  And it did.  My health.

Having a health scare forces you to focus on what’s really important in life & it doesn’t take long to realise it isn’t  a career, possessions or how much you earn.   

When you have the opportunity to re-evaluate it becomes easier to decide how you’d really  like to spend your time.  It was during this ‘re-evaluation’ that I realised teaching yoga bought me more peace, joy and satisfaction than any possession or career promotion.  So we set off to Spain!  

We started running yoga holidays purely by accident shortly after we arrived and now, quite a few years later, we believe we know the ‘secret sauce’ for what makes a great yoga holiday.  And, whilst we never set out to gain awards, we are a little (ok, a lot!) proud to be included in the Top 10 Yoga Retreats of the World  ! 

Awards pale into insignificance though when we see guests returning time & time again.  That’s the best award you can have when people chose to come on your holidays again & again. 

Read some of our  guest reviews  & check out our YouTube channel for video reviews.

We would be delighted to answer any questions  you have.  So please get in touch.

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The fab Yoga Breaks Team

In addition to our Yoga & Pilates teachers – read about them here – we have a great team of people who bring their own sparkle to our yoga holidays.

You’ll meet our airport drivers, activity guides, beauty therapists, masseuse & of course a great team of people who look after your every need at our yoga hotels – Chefs, housekeeping, reception, gardeners.   We feel so proud and lucky to have such a good team, can’t wait for you to meet us all!

Mountain Biking Excursions on your Yoga Holiday
Amanda - Our Beauty Therapist

A little more on what makes us different to other yoga holidays

  • Our consistent focus on delivering a great customer experience has led us to be included in the Top 10 Yoga Retreats of the World – woo-hoo!
  • Our retreats take place at different locations on the Alicante coast so you have a choice of venues so, should you re-visit, there’s somewhere new to try :)   Each venue is near the sea with high standard of comfort, facilities, space to relax inside & outdoors, well appointed bedrooms, a great yoga space and warm friendly service. 
  • Our’s are not  ‘rustic’ venues.  You’ll not  be expected to share bathrooms, sleep in a wooden cabin, hot caravan or tent nor be expected to do ‘karma’ duties such as washing up, clearing tables, making your bed or to clean bathrooms.   Our team are here to do all this for you so you don’t have to lift a finger – we’re quite serious about that!
  • Oh & you’ll not be stuck up a mountain in the middle of nowhere either.   We chose our venues carefully to make sure ‘civilisation’ is never far away should you want to do a little shopping or merge with the locals in the famous Mediterranean alfresco lifestyle.
  • We do not ask – nor expect – solo guests to share rooms & so we’ve kept the single supplement as low as we can at a respectful £75 for the week so everyone can have their own spacious double ensuite room.
  • We believe a big part of a retreat’s success are the friendly impromptu chats that take place between guests in between yoga sessions.  We make it easy for these chats to take place by having all guests stay under the same roof (in own rooms of course!) rather than spread out in accommodations where you would be on your own for much of the time. 
  • We have world class elite therapists come to us to dispense with some seriously good pampering – you aren’t expected to ‘pop along’ to a nearby salon.  And, as all yoga classes take place onsite, you just roll out of bed & onto your yoga mat!
  • You’ll be taught by 2 yoga teachers on retreat. This means there’s a ‘flow’ to the classes taking you on a progressive path – as opposed to a variety of teachers ‘popping in & out’ where you may find yourself doing the same things over & over & over again!