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Firstly, can we assure you we are a registered legal company.  We make this point because sadly a great many retreat operators are not registered or legal.  We’re telling you this because we know it’s a worry booking a holiday found on the internet and wondering if it’ll actually exist when you get there! 

We hope, if you chose us, you’ll have a greater peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a company that not only has a long track record but takes it’s business responsibilities and your holiday seriously.  

You can read What makes us Different below but first, let us tell you our story …

I’m Nicole – that’s me below – I founded Yoga Breaks in Spain shortly after moving to Spain in 2003. My husband Gary was a secondary school teacher in the United Kingdom and I was a corporate marketing manager & part time yoga teacher.  We were both working long hours without ever seeming to get anywhere. Sound familiar?!?

We moved to Spain in 2003 after some health scares stopped us in our tracks – we were only in our 30’s for goodness sake!   These health issues were so ‘out of the blue’ they forced us to change the way we lived.  At the time our daughter Poppy, aged just 4, was spending 10 hours a day at a child minder whilst we rushed between home, work, domestic chores and seeing friends. It was exhausting & we knew that if we didn’t change, something was going to break.  And it did.  Our health.

Having a health scare makes you think about what’s important in life & it doesn’t take long to realise that it isn’t your career, posession or big mortgage that makes you happy!   When you imagine living your life without responsibilities it’s easier to see how you’d really like to spend your time.  It was then that I realised that being on a yoga mat & teaching yoga bought more peace, joy and satisfaction than any possession or job promotion. 


Over the years of running yoga holidays we know what the secret ingredients are for a perfect yoga holiday and, whilst we never set out to gain recognition, we are a little (ok, a lot!) proud to be included in the Top 10 Yoga Retreats of the World .. but we promise, it’s not gone to our heads – honest!  Read some of our guest reviews.

 We are more than happy to answer your questions as we know your holiday is precious. We’re  honest & open and will give you all the information you need.

Contact us now:

(0034) 620 147 089

mail: helloyogabreaks@gmail.com

What makes us different to other yoga holidays?

  1. Our hard work & consistent focus on delivering a great customer experience has led us to be included in the Top 10 Yoga Retreats of the World – woo-hoo!
  2. On each retreat you’ll be looked after by the owners of Yoga Breaks in Spain – not volunteers ‘passing through’. So if you’ve any questions, you have a direct line to people who really care about you & the business.
  3. We live here in Spain & know this area pretty well so we can select the best activities – & suppliers – that showcase this beautiful area so very well.
  4. Our retreats take place at different venues on the Alicante coastline so you have a choice of where to spend your holidays and, if you re-visit, there’s always somewhere new to try! :)   Our venues are in great locations, offer a high standard of comfort & facilities, plenty of outside space to relax, well appointed bedrooms, a great yoga space and warm friendly service.  Our’s are not ‘basic’ accommodations.
  5. Oh & you’ll not be stuck up a mountain in the middle of nowhere either!  We chose our venues carefully & make sure that ‘civilisation’ is never far away should you want to do a little shopping or merge with the locals and enjoy the Mediterranean alfresco lifestyle.
  6. Our’s are true holidays.  You’ll not need – or be expected! – to lift a finger whilst you’re with us.  Each day housekeeping visits your room to freshen up the bathroom & make your bed so you don’t have to. During the entire holiday the hotel team & our hosts make sure you’re looked after supremely well. 
  7. You’ll have your own ensuite bathroom too … no need to share one with anyone. 
  8. We believe a big part of a retreat’s success are the friendly impromptu chats that take place between guests in between the yoga sessions.  We make it easy for these chats to take place by having everyone stay under the same roof (in own rooms obviously!) rather than spread you out in various accommodations where you’ll be on your own for much of the time. 
  9. We don’t ask – nor expect – solo guests to share their room & so we’ve kept the single supplement as low as we can at a respectful £75 for the week.
  10. We have world class elite therapists who come to our venues to dispense some seriously good pampering .. you aren’t expected to ‘pop along’ to a salon nearby.

The Yoga Breaks Team

In addition to the Yoga & Pilates teachers – read about those on The Yoga page – we have a great team of people who make the world of difference to your yoga holiday.

Gary - Our Mountain Bike Guide

Gary - Our Walking Guide

Amanda - Our Beauty Therapist



You’ll meet members of our support team including our airport transfer drivers, biking & horse trekking guides, beauty therapists & of course, the team that keeps the hotel ticking along – chef, housekeeping and helpful, friendly reception girls who do a fabulous job of looking after your every need. We are so proud and lucky to have such a good team.

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