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Our number 1 priority is always to ensure that guests have a great relaxing holiday and, because we care, we’ve had some great reviews. We never let these go to our heads though, we just keep delivering the best experience we can.

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Guest reviews

Comments exactly as they appeared on guest feedback forms.

Caroline, October 2018

“Once again you have made me feel re-energised, positive and thankful.  I have enjoyed every aspect of this holiday & feel the balance of activities vs. relaxation is great.  I loved the morning yoga sessions – really feel connected and awake for the day – and the Pilates were fun with many valuable tips to help with my own particular knee issues.  Thank you again for another amazing visit & for your gracious kindness and consideration towards each of us.”

Anne, September 2018

“When I arrived I was tired and felt ‘swollen’.  Now I feel wonderful, healthier, lighter and happier!  Nicole your yoga teaching is marvellous and I loved the Pilates sessions too.  You have got me thinking of the important things and choices in life.  You can be so proud of what your retreats do for guests.”

Susanne, September 2018

“A big thank you for taking care of us so well!  Every little detail so beautifully pulled together.  I will take much home with me.”

Louise, September 2018

“Thank you SO much for an incredibly fun, relaxing and insightful week.  It was exactly what I needed and I could have done it without you!”

Regina, July 2018

“Everything about my holiday was great!   The yoga instruction given by Nicole was excellent and she was able to support those with little experience while challenging others to go further.   The hotel was lovely and I got to meet a great bunch of people from different parts of the globe.  Nicole, who was running the course, made sure everyone was enjoying their experience. Along with the yoga there were various optional activities on offer which really added to my experience. I chose to do a guided bike ride and a sunset kayak trip- both stunning!!  In summary, a great location, excellent tuition, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere -what more could you ask for?!”

Lynn, May 2018

“5 wonderful days of yoga, pilates, healthy eating and excellent facilities with friendly teachers, instuctors and therapists.  Professionally and knowledgeably organised with many personal, individual touches.  I will return very soon!”

Ann, October 2017

“I am a yoga beginner, however for me the classes flowed excellently and I felt very included.  My injured back felt so much better by the end of the week, I put this down to the excellent yoga classes.  My Indian head massage, reflexology & detox foot bath were all excellent and revitalising and I returned home feeling re-energised and so much better.”



Diane, May 2017
“When I booked the holiday I was filled with mixed emotions.  I was excited having decided to do something just for me for once, but also a little worried about the unknown elements. When I arrived I immediately felt a feeling of warmth and genuine delight shown by Nicole as she greeted me.  The ambiance of the hotel felt good and I was very pleased with my room.  The welcome session was very well conducted and we were all able to express our hopes & aspirations for the holiday.  Right from the start everyone gelled and there was lovely friendly banter throughout.  I soon started to relax and it didn’t take long for my stress levels to diminish.  I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and feel ready & equipped to capitalise on what I have learnt and, now I’m back home, I feel renewed, refreshed and blessed to  have had this holiday.”

Carol, May 2017
“This was my first ever ‘activity’ holiday & I felt I was taking a bit of a leap of faith booking it with no personal recommendation and solely what I read online.  I was really impressed by it all from the 1st yoga session and right through the whole programme my expectations were surpassed.    The retreat is professionally run but maintains a really friendly, personal approach.  I loved the hotel, the ambiance, character & individuality of the rooms, the beautiful courtyard and the delicious food.  Nothing was too much trouble for the staff.  By the end of my stay I felt my body was more flexible and whether its my imagination, stronger too.  I have come home feeling I want to make a real effort  to change my diet, read more about mindfulness and look for a good yoga and pilates class.”

Stephanie, April 2016
“I was greatly anticipating this holiday & on arrival felt an immediate sense of welcome, “relax i’m here” & ‘this is it” which all felt great.  I considered arriving a day early but actually, it was lovely to arrive and have yoga on my first evening.  I immediately felt ‘checked out’ in a manner Id longed for & likewise ‘checked-in” on a whole different level.  I really love the ambience of the hotel, it was very well suited to a yoga break.   The outside world was left behind whilst I adjusted to my temporary home & family of sorts.  I felt relaxed and happy and my mind was free of all the usual clutter. These feelings deepened along with my sense of strength, inside and out. My lasting memories will be of a time and place where I felt at peace with my body, my mind and all around me plus, the massage which was among 3 of the best I’ve ever had in the World!. I hope to return.”  Stephanie

Fiona, April 2016
“Lovely hotel – great location and character – very Spanish & relaxing.  The yoga element was perfect – well structured – allowed varied levels – perfect pace – was great to have a more challenging guest teacher for a couple of sessions too.  My lasting memories are of finding space, relaxing, improving my yoga in a lovely non-threatening friendly environment, feeling very cared for & being in a great place to unwind and think a little about the jungle we live in.  Loved it all.  Will come back.”


Richard & Kate, July 2014
“What a fantastic yoga break. Every detail was well thought out and exceptional quality. Altea is a beautiful town and the restaurants superb value. Our hotel couldn’t have been any more relaxing. Nicole is a wonderful yoga teacher and managed both the experienced pupils and the novices (like me) perfectly. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other guests as well; such a friendly bunch. A truly inspiring experience and one I look forward to repeating.”







Claudia, September 2015
“I want to congratulate you, what you do is, I know, no easy thing to do and you do it so well. Somehow you have got the holiday format down to an absolute fine art with every detail perfectly organised and yet the result is a feeling that it is totally organic and relaxed. That is a magic recipe and I hugely admire you both.

Thank you for progressing my yoga and meditation in five days .. more than anybody else has managed in 6 years! I am very excited about my yoga future and have a very chuffed yogi boyfriend as a result. I am now excitedly awaiting my Yoga book from Amazon! Much love and thank you’s”.

Denia_Yoga_SunriseHilde, 2015
“Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful experience. My year started so badly I thought it was going to be one of the worst years of my life but I came home from my time with you, utterly renewed and it has been a truly amazing year for me since. Thank you for reminding me to take time to do my yoga practice, for teaching me the benefits of meditation and for telling me to have ‘peace in my heart, peace in my mind and peace in my body’. Thank you for reminding me that I am a strong and confident person. It’s difficult to explain how much my time with you has meant to me but know that I extend a huge thank you to you. You are truly inspirational people and I hope to see you again on your retreats.”

Yoga RobRob’s story, May 2014
“I’m not a guy who gets nervous about things, but having participated in about five yoga sessions over the past ten years you can understand my anxiety. That went away in ten minutes of the 1st yoga session with Nicole who has the unique ability to mix technique with compassion, which made for a magical experience. When you inspire, as opposed to intimidate, you get so much more out of those you are helping. I was shocked at how fast my balance improved and my strength increased. I believe that comes from trusting those who are helping you.

An unexpected pleasure was meditation with Gary. As a “part-time” meditator myself, this was just what I needed to awaken my meditation practice and go back to it full-time. And then there was the other guests. When good people come together with good leaders, wonderful things can happen. For me, it wasn’t just learning more about yoga; it was leaving inspired to make yoga a part of my life forever. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say, but it’s from my heart. You’ll always have front seat in my thoughts. Namaste” Rob

“I have fallen in love with the hotel, it’s an oasis of peace, happiness and tranquility in the heart of Denia. I’ve enjoyed the company of everyone – it’s a gift to have met so many interesting, like minded people. The food has been amazing and the yoga classes have been great, some poses tested me but I am surprised at how great my body feels with no major aches!” Angela & Joan, May 2014

“This was a wonderful & very inspiring holiday. Nicole & Gary you are incredible hosts, teachers & guides .. very motivational! ” Diane, April 2013″Amazing! Everything about this trip was so relaxing and enjoyable. It was everything I imagined and more. Nicole & Gary were beyond accommodating and helpful”. April 2013

Yoga on the beach“The organisation of this break has been exceptional and the level of personal care & attention has been superb. Thank you so much for a wonderful break, your professionalism is second to none.” Sandra, April 2013

“A fantastic 5 days away to re-discover myself and enjoy some fantastic yoga. I truly feel I have learnt so much which I know is going to help move my yoga practice forward a huge deal. Thank you so much for all your time, attention & genuine care. It’s been the best break I’ve taken for a very, very long time! Don’t ever stop what you’re doing as I’m coming back!” Susan, March 2013

“Thank you for the most pleasurable time on my yoga break – it exceeded all expectations. I really enjoyed the yoga – especially the postures that were new to me & as for the meditation, I was blown away with the experience. You have a rare talent of making everyone feel special & I want you to be there when I come again! I cannot imagine going with anyone else now.” Clare, November 2012

“This was my first ever yoga holiday & I’m not sure any other yoga holiday will live up this one! I’ve met some amazing, inspiring people whom I would now call friends. I’ll be back!” Joan, Oct. 2012

“Many, many thanks for such a wonderful yoga break. I so enjoyed my yoga sessions with you and learnt a lot to help me on my yoga journey. The level of yoga was just right – not too easy nor too difficult. My practice since coming home has improved after working with you. Some of the things you said really helped. I have just felt so happy on my return – a sort of glow with lots of energy. Long may it last! I really liked the hotel, the people and the ambience of the place gave me time to read, rest and recuperate. So for me it was all perfect – I would certainly come again. ” Wendy, July 2012

The boat yoga asana“I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring, life-transforming experience I had with you in Denia. Your kindness, warmth and happiness is so obvious and how you easily share that with total strangers is amazing. You are such good role-models for the power of yogic lifestyle. I came back to Iceland relaxed, centered, focused, inspired and had found my inner peace again. I’m back on track with my yoga and some answers about what to do with my life – isn’t it amazing how much can happen in less than a week?” Alfa, April 2012

“What a wonderful few days this has been. It’s been an ideal way to detach from life & gain some space. The hard work & passion you put into the programme is so clear & I truly feel pampered & cared for. Your attention to detail & excellent planning made it particularly special. I was blown away by the standard of the hotel in terms of the comfort, the service and the quality of food. I can’t wait to come back with a friend.” Alicia, March 2012

Namaste“This was a lovely experience. I really enjoyed the balance of yoga, meditation, group activities and free time. The yoga was very good & it was great to have different teachers offering different perspectives. I particularly loved the final yoga nidra session, the gentle progression through opening postures to soft inversions was a blissful way to bring us to the final deep relaxation”. Sarah, March 2012

“This holiday has exceeded my expectations!! I have been away on my own before, but this has been the best experience of solo travelling. Nicole & Gary you really cared about us and we’re keen to ensure we had the best holiday possible”. Rachel, October 2012

“As an international athlete I’m always looking to improve my physical and mental performance. Yoga and pilates with Yoga Breaks in Spain hit absolutely the right note on both fronts. Not only were the classes tailored perfectly to challenge each person at their own level but the additional workshops and advice about meditation, breath control and yoga practice were applicable to both myself as an athlete and my sister, who is a first time exercise participant. I can’t express my thanks enough for the wonderful time we had, came back feeling ready to return to competitive training with all guns blazing and my sister is now a convert to both yoga and pilates. We can’t wait to join you again next year. Thanks again. ” Rachael Mackenzie, September

Half_Moon“Gary & Nicole you strike just the right balance between being absolutely attentive to everyone’s needs and allowing us space to enjoy the holiday in our own way. That makes for a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. The yoga I found challenging – it has made me want to get out of the gym class rut and find a teacher who offers me more variety and stimulus. Thanks for a great holiday!” Wendy, October ’11

“I want to say a huge thank you for a wonderful holiday. You have a fantastic talent for doing a brilliant job of looking after everybody and making it look so effortless. I loved all the yoga, and was thrilled to manage a few new things – walking up the wall into headstand, almost getting up into crow, and getting into wild thing without too much difficulty. It’s fun to try new asanas, especially when they look almost impossible, and I can at least get part way into them, with your patient and thorough guidance.” Irene, October ’11

“I spent a long time looking for a yoga retreat & when I found yours, I just knew it was the right one. I was completely right – its been exactly what I needed and more than I imagined I needed! Having the extra activities & therapies on offer completes the whole package perfectly. Thank you both so very much for this precious holiday.” Tara – September ’10

Rosie and Lucy“You care so much that everyone gets what they want from the holiday. A lot of thought has gone into the programme and yoga classes & this shines through. I had a relaxing, enjoying, energizing fun time – thanks so much.” Clare – April ’10

“A thoroughly relaxing break that perfectly balanced some challenging yoga, indulgent pampering, excellent food and a real rest” Alison – September ’10

“Your passion and commitment to getting it right is wonderful. Thank you for everything & helping me conquer some new postures” Angela – June 09

“I have never before felt so calm, rejuvenated and cared for in such a short space of time. Much more than a stress buster. I’ve learnt so much I can apply in my current life to help me with stress & emotional times”. Marion – May ’09

“It’s been calming, liberating, a sense of well-being throughout and full of personal touches. You clearly care about & are genuinely interested in people and giving them a good time & service. I’ve come back home & feel ready to ‘commit’ more to yoga and come back to see you again for more” Alex – April ’08

Triangle Pose“I have been on residential weekends in the UK but your holiday surpassed those. I would not hesitate to recommend you & the bad news is … I’ll be back!” Noel – March ’08

“The yoga was excellent. It was great to learn new moves. The attention and warmth towards the group from Nicole & Gary made me feel part of a relaxing family environment”. Felicity – June ’09

“Fantastic. Exactly the right mix of activities & “alone” time. I really liked the little extra touches & the whole organisation of the holiday both pre & during was first class”. Louise – September ’09

“A beautiful experience to kick start a new way of life for me”. Nilam, London

“This has been a fantastic, friendly, get away from it all break”. Katherine, London

Yoga guests“Yoga was fab. I wanted more” Andy, Surrey

“A fantastic holiday, brilliant people and extremely relaxing” Patricia, Herts

“Life changing. Happy. Spiritual. Fun” Rachel, London

“I feel more relaxed, internally at peace, stronger & fitter” Karen, London

“Brilliant holiday due to the beautiful people & fantastic location” Jim, Surrey

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