Have Your Best Ever Yoga Retreat!


You’ve finally booked yourself a yoga retreat & so now you’d like to know how to make this your best ever yoga retreat :)

Here at Yoga Breaks in Spain  we’ve organised many, many yoga retreats and so we’d like to share our ideas on how to make your yoga retreat even if it’s not one of our retreats! your best yoga retreat experience … ever!


Get on a yoga mat

You don’t have to be a super flexi yogi to go on a yoga retreat but you will enjoy the experience more if your body is ready for the hours you’ll be spending on a yoga mat … often up to 4 hours a day.  

To avoid feeling super stiff for the first few retreat days try and attend a few classes at your local yoga studio before you travel or roll out your mat at home & try some of our favourite (free!) YouTube yoga channels:   Yoga with Tim  and Yoga with Adriene

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Pack like a pro

As well as yoga wear & casual clothing you’ll need on retreat, ask the organisers if there’s anything particular you should bring.  Some retreats (not ours!) need you to bring a yoga mat, a towel for your bathroom and toiletries for instance.   In addition to these ‘essentials’ we’d like to add a few other items to your suitcase too …    

  • A journal & pen   Getting away from our daily routine allows us to ‘zoom out’ & see things from a whole new perspective.  It’s amazing what fresh ideas come when the mind is less busy so capture these thoughts before they disappear.
  • Aromatherapy oils.  Aromas have an amazing effect on how we feel.  Lavender is a great relaxant and citrus oils wake us up.  Take some with you so that you can sprinkle a few drops on your pillow, clothing and shower tray & let the heat of the water bring the aroma to life.
  • Inspiring podcasts.  Use your time wisely on retreat and instead of scrolling through social media, download some educational & inspiring podcasts so you have them ready during retreat ‘down time’. 
  • Spa time.  Most of us don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves & so a retreat gives you the perfect opportunity to create a little Spa haven in your bathroom.   Pack some lovely products .. organic if possible .. and get ready for an amazing pamper!    
  • Reuseable drinking bottle/cup.   Do ‘your bit’ to reduce the plastic impact on the planet by packing a recyclable cup or bottle ready to top up with water on retreat.  Tip: If you’re on retreat during the cooler months, bring a heat insulated cup so you have something warm by your side to sip throughout the day. 

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Go with an open mind

If you have a regular yoga practice at home you’ve probably become very used to your teacher.   On retreat let go of how your teacher normally teaches so you can absorb new ways of practicing yoga and be open to hear a new perspective on yogic philosophy. One of the aims of a retreat is to help deepen & progress your practice so be open to it all!

… and an open heart

It can be a little scary going on retreat for the  first time especially if you’re worried that everyone else is going to be ‘so much better at yoga’ than you!  Don’t worry, everyone arrives feeling a little nervous .. they really do! 

The best thing  is to be yourself .. drop the professional ‘guard’ you may wear at your day job.  On retreat you’ll meet people from all over the World many of whom have amazing life stories and who are keen to spend time with like minded people.   Of course, when you need  ‘me’ time that’s fine too .. there’s never any pressure to stay together as a group  .. everyone respects each other’s need for silence.


This is just a taster of some of the many ways in which you can make your retreat the best ever. 

You’ll find more ideas in our free Ebook Get the Most from Your Yoga Retreat

Please share your ideas and share this blog with anyone you know who’s heading off on (or looking for) a yoga retreat.   


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