Are you ‘there’ for You?

  We see it on practically every retreat we run …  some guests arrive looking pale & exhausted.  It’s as if someone has extinguished the very spark that once lit them up and they’ve used every ounce of energy that’s left to get to the retreat.    It’s quite scary to see how they’ve clearly… Read more »

5 Steps to Create a Yoga Space @ Home

  how to create a yoga space at Home   You’ve probably noticed how calm you feel when stepping into (& out of!) a yoga class or studio.   If you can’t get to class here’s 5 easy ways to re-create that yoga bliss at home.   Choose the right spot.  Your home yoga space doesn’t… Read more »

4 Tips to Improve your Yoga Practice

If you’re reading thiS I’m guessing you’re keen to improve your yoga practice?   When I first started yoga, I just wanted to improve my flexibility & mobility.   And, as I became more familiar with the postures, I would often drift into ‘auto-pilot’ and just place the posture shape on my body when I heard… Read more »

Really, is a detox necessary?

With our Yoga & Detox Retreats here in sunny Spain, we wanted to make sure we did our homework to discover if a detox really does has a positive impact to our well-being .. or not. What we discovered was quite shocking to be honest and here, in this blog, we’d like to outline the… Read more »

Healthy Yoga Basics

A good yoga routine usually consists of several carefully chosen yoga poses, composed to target either a certain group of muscles such as a series of poses to open & strengthen the upper body or, a rounded class that includes postures to target all major muscle groups to provide an all over ‘top up’. We… Read more »

Do you need to do Yoga if you keep fit or play sports?

It is a common misconception that if you are a keen on sports & keeping fit, you don’t need to do yoga. Well, whilst many may believe this, they couldn’t be further from the truth! Yoga has many benefits for anyone keen on fitness … including professional athletes. Here’s just 3 of those benefits: 1.… Read more »

Why and How you should practice Yoga in the Summer

Summer is a season we all look forward to with longer, lighter & warmer days that make us feel alive and energised. But the transition from the cool peaceful days of spring to hot summer can be quite stressful for our bodies and may have a negative effect on both our health and well-being.  Luckily,… Read more »

Our beaches are the cleanest in Spain. It’s Official !

The Alicante province, where our yoga holidays & retreats take place, has more blue flag beaches that any other province in Spain! Over 60 of Alicante’s beaches recently scooped this coveted annual award. A blue flag accreditation means a beach meets strict standards of the European Foundation of the Environment. These standards include; the quality… Read more »

Meditation – Let your mind have a holiday too.

BENEFITS OF Mindful Meditation I have practiced meditation everyday for the past 10 years using different methods from yantras, mantras, breathing, walking, guided, eating and other awareness based meditations.   I always remain open to new techniques and recently I have been trying mindfulness meditation which I find makes life easier to deal with.  By… Read more »