5 Steps to Create a Yoga Space @ Home


how to create a yoga space at Home


You’ve probably noticed how calm you feel when stepping into (& out of!) a yoga class or studio.   If you can’t get to class here’s 5 easy ways to re-create that yoga bliss at home.


  1. Choose the right spot.  Your home yoga space doesn’t have to be huge, a corner of a room is often perfect.  Ideally it should be a quiet part of your home where you’ll not be disturbed too easily.  Fantastic if you have somewhere with an amazing view but definitely somewhere with a hard floor .. not carpet as balance postures are much tougher on carpet!  And ideally the space should feel warm & have natural light.   If the room hasn’t been used for a while, give it a clean & a good airing. 
  2. Prepare your yoga space.  Remove anything from the space that will distract you or is not beautiful.  The reason why you feel peaceful in a yoga studio is because it’s free of clutter so de-clutter your home yoga space.  Now decide where you’d like to face whilst practicing yoga.  Some people like to face the window to feel connected with nature or face a focal point in the room such as a fireplace.  Its best to experiment & find the position that feels best for you.
  3. Personalise your space.  Add items that make you feel calm & happy such as a photo, fresh flowers, a painting or card, candles, an incense burner or even a statue of a Hindu god such as Ganesh – the remover of obstables.   Remember though to keep the space calm & simple.  If you enjoy being in this space you’re more likely to use it.    Ideally, group your items together into a focal point that you’ll face whilst practicing yoga .. they’ll help anchor your mind & bring a positive energy to the space.
  4. Props .  Make sure any yoga props  you normally need are in easy reach – blocks, blanket, cushions, eye pillow, strap & socks.  Maybe even put these things together into a basket so they’re there ready & waiting for you.  Nothing worse than stopping your yoga practice mid way to go find a prop!
  5. Soothing sounds.   Maybe you like to practice yoga in silence but many people like music that is calming or has consistent rhythym to help them turn inwards.  The music should enhance your sense of peace & calm so think about creating a playlist of your favourite tunes .. Yogi-itunes.com is a great source of yoga music.


There, you see, it’s pretty easy to create your own special home yoga space! 

Hope you enjoy spending time in your yoga space.  Let us know if there’s anything else you would add to this list.

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