Top 5 Free Yoga apps – carry your OM wherever you go

It’s hard to know which yoga Apps are worthwhile & so we’ve done the hard work for you!  

Here are our Top 5 FREE Yoga Apps so you can carry your OM with you wherever you go or when you can’t get to class.  Enjoy & let us know if you’ve found others we should add to this round up.   Namaste!


Winner of Best Yoga App 2016!   This free App from YOGOM offers 77 postures (at the moment) organised into 2 sequences.   Each sequence shows a colour picture of a pose, clear written instructions (a few typos!), a timer which counts down how long to stay in the pose and relaxing background music.  Ideal for absolute beginners & those looking for a relaxing yoga session.   Nice & easy to use too!


One of our de-stress favourites. This free meditation App from Insight Timer has hundreds of guided meditations that have been uploaded by 2 million meditators.  Each meditation is rated by users so you can see what others have said before you try .. and you can leave your own feedback too.   The perfect app whilst travelling / on the beach / at your desk .. anytime you need instant zen.  Just don’t forget your headphones or you’ll ‘space out’ everyone around you, tee hee!


Called Yoga Poses, this app is free to download & has an extensive library of yoga postures.  Each pose has a full colour photo with the pose name in Sanskrit and ‘English’ plus, detailed info of how to perform each pose.  The search option is really good too.  You can search for a pose in the A-Z listing, by Type of pose (ie. arm balances, backbends etc) or by Level.  We think this is an excellent App to supplement any yoga classes you do with a teacher as it allows you to select a pose that you’d like to practice / develop / master with easy clear instructions.  A good one to have!


Simply Yoga app is included in our Top 5 because of the high quality video tutorials with clear & precise instruction.  The only (sad) thing is, this app only gives you a 20 minute beginner Level 1 postures/sequence free of charge.  If you want longer or more challenging sequences you have to upgrade to ‘premium’.  However, a 20min Level 1 sequence might be just perfect for you.

Calm meditation app is fab!  It offers ‘sleep stories’ to help you fall into a deep natural sleep,  choice of meditations such as ‘learn to meditate’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘increase happiness’, ‘reduce anxiety’ and a breathing timer that trains you to slow down ther breath & take deeper breaths.  The breathing timer & some meditations are free of charge but the sleep stories are paid for feature.


Compiled by Yoga Breaks in Spain .. yoga inspired retreats & holidays on the sunny Costa Blanca, Spain.