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So here we are, the time of year when we slip from the warm heady days of Summer to the quieter, cooler months of Autumn & Winter.

A time between Light and Dark. Yang (energizing) and Yin (calming).  A time when nature begins to wind down towards eventual hibernation (restoration) until Spring when the cycle of ‘re-birth’ begins all over again.


Lately, you may have noticed yourself being pulled towards quieter, more inward pursuits such as studying for a new skill, making your garden Winter ‘ready’ or even craving quieter, slower types of exercise such as country walks, gentle bike rides and restorative Yin yoga.

The Earth’s energy is at is peak in Summer.  The brighter, longer warmer days of Summer mean we’re more active – physically, socially and mentally.  But these heady days of Summer can’t last forever (nor does our energy!).  Autumn arrives and we sense the Earth’s energy begin to wane .. as does ours.  Now’s the time to switch your energy down a notch or three ….

Tune in to the rhythm of natural world and you’ll instantly feel more balanced and in harmony within yourself.

My advice?  … embrace the coming months as they hold great secrets!

Use this quieter Yin time of year to your advantage.  Over the coming weeks, reflect on the changes you’d like to see in your life.  Perhaps you’ve got an exciting project you’d like to get off the ground but don’t know where/how to start?  Or, you’d like to make some small life changes that would make a HUGE difference – but you’re nervous of change.

Get creative!

In the coming weeks, choose a quiet evening  (or a weekend afternoon)- ideally on your own. Grab some blank paper & coloured pens/pencils and produce a spider diagram of what you’d like your life to look like.  Ask yourself (if relevant) …

  • Where you’d like to live … 
  • The work you’d like to do …
  • The social life you’d like to have ..
  • How fit you’d like to be …
  • The new skills you’d like to have …
  • The person you’d like to become etc etc.   

Spider diagrams are a quick & easy way to visually organise concepts and ideas so get your ‘wishes’ out of your mind & onto paper.   Your finished diagram will instantly clarify the steps you could take to reach your goal and will act as a gentle reminder of what’s baby steps are needed each time you look at it.    And, if you’re not sure what steps to take or how to make the changes, ask us for details of the Life Coach we have on our team as she’s available via Skype/FaceTime at a time that suits you.

And the good thing is … your diagram isn’t set in stone.  Look at it often, tweak it, add to it, cross bits out as you achieve each small step!  As the saying goes ….

Where your attention goes, your energy flows

Stop procrastinating!  If you’d like next year (the next 3-5 years) to be different, you’ve got to change what you’ve always done as if not, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got!  (Bad English I know, but I think you get the drift!)

Use the coming weeks/months to ‘OWN’ your life!

And, of course, if you’d like to have a holiday that invests in your well-being, then we’d love to see you on one of our 2018 Yoga Breaks in  Spain!   We’re taking bookings already .. some dates are almost full already :)


This advice is bought to you by Yoga Breaks in Spain … yoga inspired retreats & holidays on the sunny Costa Blanca, Spain.


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