How do you start and finish your day?

It’s really up to you to decide whether you have a good, bad or indifferent day.

How is this?

It’s quite simple.  You see it’s not when you wake up, it’s how you wake up.  It’s not when you go to sleep, it’s how you go to sleep.

Whether we realise it or not, most of us are attached to negativity and drama, whether it’s watching television or reading a book.   Unless it’s empowering, then it doesn’t serve you well.   

When you go to bed at night, the last thing you do, read or watch will be the last thing you remember before falling asleep.

Anything that doesn’t give you peace and calmness before you fall asleep has a marinating effect whilst you’re sleeping.

When we awake, the first thing many do is reach for their phone. This really isn’t the best way to start your day as it simply triggers our minds to prematurely start stressing, worrying and planning the day ahead, literally minutes after opening our eyes, leaving us no time to be grateful for the many good things we all have!


Our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings determine our emotions, this impacts our mood for the day, which in turn affects ourselves and people around us and determine our results for the day.


I invite you to try this exercise for a month to see what results you get.

Before you go to bed, read something that serves you, such as a book on personal growth or an uplifting book that makes you feel happy. Do not read or watch negative news or violence on television before bed, instead, watch something light hearted or something that makes you laugh, although, not at the expense of others

 Buy an alarm clock, and leave your mobile phone in another room. When you open your eyes in the morning, you won’t be tempted to reach for your phone, so spend that time thinking of something you are grateful for. Being grateful alleviates worry, fear and even anger as they are opposing emotions and cannot be expressed at the same time.


You are the best qualified person on the planet at being you, so it’s up to you to work on yourself and create an amazing life which you deserve. So let’s start with making each day better and build up from there.

Remember, there is no road to happiness, happiness is the road and we are already on it.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.


Written & kindly shared by Robert Shallis, Motivational Speaker


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