Top 5 Things to Love about Winter


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As lovely as crisp mornings, crunchy leaves & conkers are, Winter is not everyone’s favourite season.  

But, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, rather than let the grey skies & cold temperatures dampen your spirit we’d like to help you embrace the very best that Winter has to offer.

Our Top 5 things to Love about Winter   

  1. Getting Cosy.   There’s absolutely nothing  better than stepping out into a freezing cold day and feeling warm & cosy wrapped in a thick coat, hat, gloves, socks & boots.  At no other time of the year can we get away with such a cosy way of dressing and it feels so gooood!  
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2. Hibernation.   Naturally our bodies start to slow down & sleep a little deeper in Winter. So, rather than fight this & stay up to your ‘normal’ bed time, get to bed earlier whenever possible. Cosy up under the duvet with a mug of cocoa, listen to a fabulous podcast or read a couple of chapters of a captivating book before you drift off to a deep & peaceful restorative sleep.

Canela the sleeping cat

3.  Fresh crisp mornings.   Occasionally Winter brings the most beautiful crisp mornings where the sun is low in the sky and everything glistens from a light touch of frost.  These days hold a fragile quietness that the long hot days of summer will never possess.  If you can, get outside and take a walk in nature, let the cool air go to your lungs and into your head , making you feel suddenly alive.  

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4.  Staying in.  When its dark outside by mid afternoon, come evening time the pull to stay indoors  is overwhelming.  Winter nights are a great for lighting candles, enjoying a glass of red and getting into a gripping TV drama.  Or, get creative … make Christmas gifts, journal or spend an evening creating your 2020 personal or business plan.   Getting creative has a whole host of great benefits including stress reduction, feelings of accomplishment & pride and a sense of purpose.

5. Candlelit Restorative Yoga.  Thankfully, many yoga studios/teachers have now cottoned onto the popularity and gorgeousness of restorative (or yin) yoga.  In Winter when naturally we feel a little sluggish, (that’s the Ayurvedic kapha trait in us), the thought of a relaxing  yoga session in a nice warm candlelit room with a teacher’s soothing  voice guiding us through a series of long held, deep passive stretches thankfully overrides the inner calling to head to the gym for a cardio/hit/spinning class.   

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6.    Book yourself a Holiday!   OK, so this post says our Top 5 tips for Winter but I couldn’t resist suggesting that Winter is also a great time to research and plan your next holiday/s before you get too busy in the New Year and everything and all the good holidays sell out & flight prices increase!  

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There we have it!  I hope some of our ideas help you fall in love with Winter again but if you’re needing some ‘survival’ tips for Winter read on! ….  

  1. Prioritise sleep.  Its no secret that sleep has a huge impact on our energy … if we don’t get enough we’re likely to feel groggy the next day.  So, go to bed early whenever you can,  cosy up under the duvet with a hot water bottle and drift off to sleep.   If you struggle to switch off, try some guided meditations from Apps such as HeadspaceInsight Timer or the sleep stories from Calm to help you unwind.


2. Try something new. Routine is a good thing but repeating the same routine week in, week out can add to the sluggish feeling of Winter.   Whether is finding a new yoga class, starting a new hobby or going to listen to some live music it’s all good as changing your routine can help make  the days feel more fulfilling and longer. 

3. Get Moving.  During Winter it can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise but maintaining a regular regime will make you feel more energetic, strengthen your immune system and improve your mood.    So get up & out for a morning run or spend 10 minutes on your yoga mat soon as you wake up.   

Yes, I know, its dark & cold outside and all you want to do is stay in bed but don’t!  Get up, pull on your leggings, get on your yoga mat &  gently move your body even if its just 10 minutes.  I promise, the desire to get back in bed only lasts a few seconds but the fact that you started the day doing something positive will make you feel alive & buzzing all day.   


4. Get outside.  I realise the last thing you want to do is go outside when it’s freezing cold!  But getting out each day in Winter is VERY important.  Daylight not only boosts your Vitamin D levels which is essential for healthy bones but exposure to daylight resets your circadian rhythm (your internal sleep/wake clock) as, when it is dark, your eyes send a signal to the hypothalamus (a gland in the brain) that it’s time to get ready to sleep.  So avoid the mid afternoon slump and get outside!



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