Are you ‘there’ for You?

  We see it on practically every retreat we run …  some guests arrive looking pale & exhausted.  It’s as if someone has extinguished the very spark that once lit them up and they’ve used every ounce of energy that’s left to get to the retreat.    It’s quite scary to see how they’ve clearly… Read more »

New to Yoga? Read these jargon busting tips

Here’s a quick reference to help you understand some of the frequent ‘yoga’ terms used in classes. Unless you understand the words it will be difficult to follow the subject! Asana The name given to describe the various yoga postures or poses you’ll practice during class. Hold your asana’s with stability and encourage a sense… Read more »

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

If You Just Smile! Being happy is not all about glossing over the reality of life or ignoring important or serious issues, it’s about the attitude we have that helps us face reality and work through issues more positively. Smiling helps, try it. You have 43 muscles in your face please use them and smile… Read more »

The Power of Raw Food

When Nicole started telling me about the catering on her new Get the Glow! Yoga Detox Retreats I suspect I reacted as a lot of people might and said “raw food, isn’t that just eating salad?”. How wrong was I as she went on to tell me about a yummy raw lasagne and some delicious… Read more »

Yoga slows down the ageing process

It’s pretty much accepted that as the human body ages it tends to stiffen & tighten up. When we’re young we’re very flexible and agile but, as we get older, our range of movement, strength, stamina & flexibility all diminish. And if that’s not enough, sooner or later, we notice subtle aches & pains that… Read more »

Yogi Tea

Here at Yoga Breaks in Spain we do all we can to take care of both the physical and spiritual well-being of our guests while they are with us in Spain. One way in which we do this is to offer a range of yogi herbal teas that revitalise the senses and boost the immune… Read more »

Happy Feet – Look After Your Feet

I must admit to having shoe envy. I love seeing all the new shoe styles; modern or classic, wedges or heels, flats or sky high but I often wonder what some of them do to your feet. Kim Kardashian showed us her swollen feet recently; admittedly she was pregnant at the time but ouch! Your… Read more »

Yoga versus Pilates – What’s the Difference

As some of you may know, twice a year we offer a combined Yoga and Pilates holiday. While walking the beautiful Denia coastline a few weeks ago with some guests on our latest joint holiday I asked how they were finding the two different disciplines. For more information on our Yoga and Pilates Holidays in… Read more »

Yoga Music Playlists

Music is such a personal thing and the choice of music for a Yoga class is a very tricky one. Any music played in a Yoga class should be there primarily as an aid to assist students a) in gaining inner wellbeing, b) to help unclutter their minds and c) to find tranquility. Deciding whether… Read more »