Are you ‘there’ for You?

  We see it on practically every retreat we run …  some guests arrive looking pale & exhausted.  It’s as if someone has extinguished the very spark that once lit them up and they’ve used every ounce of energy that’s left to get to the retreat.    It’s quite scary to see how they’ve clearly… Read more »

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

If You Just Smile! Being happy is not all about glossing over the reality of life or ignoring important or serious issues, it’s about the attitude we have that helps us face reality and work through issues more positively. Smiling helps, try it. You have 43 muscles in your face please use them and smile… Read more »

Yoga Music Playlists

Music is such a personal thing and the choice of music for a Yoga class is a very tricky one. Any music played in a Yoga class should be there primarily as an aid to assist students a) in gaining inner wellbeing, b) to help unclutter their minds and c) to find tranquility. Deciding whether… Read more »

Bingo Wings

Maybe humans are evolving and developing wings for flying? Nice thought, but wishful thinking I’m afraid. Bingo wings are the nemesis of the middle aged woman. As you get older the muscles in the upper arm reduce slightly and the skin starts to loose it’s elasticity, gravity takes over and you find yourself “flapping” whenever… Read more »

So What Does a Yoga Teacher Eat?

Ever noticed how some foods alter your energy? How tired you feel a couple hours after eating a big meal, or how you “buzz” after a strong coffee? As a yoga teacher, my diet is an essential aspect of my daily life. I’m not perfect & do occasionally go off the ‘healthy food’ radar but,… Read more »

How Yoga Keeps you Healthy .. & Sane!

You’ve probably noticed that life doesn’t always go to plan… well, the plan you had in your mind for how you’d like your day/week to turn out. The trouble is, when plans go adrift because of something out of our control, getting stuck in traffic or a supplier missing a deadline, our immediate response is… Read more »

Why Yoga?

If you do no other form of exercise, do yoga. Why? Simply because it has so many benefits. Yoga positively affects the health of all organs, glands and muscles as well as tone and sculpt the outer body .. which it does exceedingly well! A good yoga class will incorporate postures that move and lubricate… Read more »