Time for a Fresh Start?

I love the start of a New Year.  There’s a real sense of something ‘special’ about to happen. 

It’s as if we’ve been given permission to have another ‘go’ at creating the absolute ideal life for ourselves.  A clean sheet of paper.   A new ‘script’ to live by.   

And yet, this optimistic feeling can disappear come mid January once our regular work/life routines take over again. 

If someone told you there’s an easy way to feel optimistic, hopeful & excited all the time would you listen?

If your answer is a big fat YES, then take a read through the 4 Easy Steps from Brenda, our Yoga Breaks in Spain Life Coach.  Her advice is simply, simplify your life.   

This weekend our quest for you is set aside a little time to consider Brenda’s advice.  We’d love to hear how you get on.


Simplify Your Life by Brenda McCole, Life Coach

First you may ask ‘Why’ should I simplify my life?  Answer: To Make SPACE!

Simplifying our lives allows us to remove the heavy energies that weigh us down.  To make space for more of what we wish to draw into our lives.

A few years ago my motto for the year was ‘lighten up’.

This was meant for all areas of my life and including my personality.  I felt heavy and lacking energy at the time.  I followed this motto for a number of years. As time passed things changed a lot.

Physically, I took control of my back pain by toning up my body thus lightening up the weight on my pelvis (and ever since I have had no back pain! yay!).

At home, I decluttered everything. I gave away all my books, CD’s, DVD’s and most of my clothes to family, friends and anyone to wanted them and I felt lighter than I had in many years.

So here today I’d like to share my 4 Easy Steps to help you feel lighter, brighter & energised :-

1. Wardrobe –

Go & open your wardrobe(s) and look at any beautiful items you rarely or never wear yet don’t really understand ‘why’ you’ve not worn them.  Well, the reason is this; The energy of how we feel at the moment we buy something stays on the item.

Many of us have clothes that we rarely or never wear.  Why is this? Research shows that we tend to go shopping when we’re feeling a little ‘down’. We buy something to cheer us up but rarely wear that item as we can unconsciously feel the energy from it, and so it doesn’t make us feel good.

Many things effect our emotional state including the weather, our weight/diet, relationship etc. and so to ‘feed’ the emotional void we stuff more things into our lives, including into our wardrobes.

Simplify Action: Clear out anything in your wardrobe that does not make you feel absolutely amazing! Including Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery, Belts, Bags, Hats, Scarves etc.

2.  Friends & Relationships –

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Who are you still holding onto that perhaps their message for you has been delivered?   Who’s time has passed?  

Uplifting or Depressing: Take a moment to think of your friends & particularly, consider whether if the individual energetically drains you or supports and up lifts you.   How do you feel when you spend time with each of your friends?

Simplify Action: Ditch anyone in your life who’s time has passed, are superficial, or lowering your vibe and keeping you playing small in life!

3. Social Media –

We all spend so much time online now.  Consider the vibration of what you watch or listen to?  Does it light you up & make you feel positive? Or, is there someone on your Social Media that irritates or makes you feel inferior?  The next time you see a post from anyone that does not make you feel happy or inspired, take action & block them so that when you use that app in future, it will be a positive place to visit.

When was the last time you switched off all your devices for a day, or even a few days?  There are so many reports coming to the surface of how our gadgets are impacting our health.   Try switching off for a few days from phones, computers, television, radio etc and enjoy the peace as your body restores itself to it’s highest vibration possible.

Simplify Action:  Remove any social media feeds, magazines, books and podcasts that do not light you up and increase your vibration and make you feel happier.

4. Possessions

We all tend to collect numerous ‘bits and pieces’ along lifes journey.

The times I felt most free in life was when I was travelling, when I had no keys. No keys for a transport, no keys for a place to rest that night.   Everyday we pick up our keys, our phones, our wallets they are a part of us. It is liberating to be naked – to not have possessions attached to us all the time.   That is not to say the homeless feel this way. That is an entirely different topic. Choosing to simplify your life is very different to having nothing at all and without choice.

Simplify Action: Review your “Always On’ possessions.  Can you leave them behind when you go for a walk and just bring your front door key?  Ditch or free up the handbag to simplify and take the weight off your shoulders too. 


Keep It Simple

Simplifying your life keeps the energy moving AND make space for new energies to come into your world.

It is my mission to empower people to live fulfilling lives.   If this blog has helped you in any way, then I would love to hear from you. I offer a variety of programmes to suit your needs – connect with me today to find out how I can help you.

Have a wonderful day.


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